Ever wanted to make sure your video thumbnails show up in the Google SERPs? Like using Vimeo as a video host? Well, we’ve just made the job of getting the right embed code a lot simpler. All you have to do is find the Vimeo link of your video, paste it in the field below and pick the width you’d like for the video output. There’s a couple extra options as well: you can show the video title above and/or the video description below the video if you’d like by checking the right box(es). Press the “generate” button, and voilĂ !

Even though we love Yoast’s Video SEO plugin, the code generated by this generator works fine on both WordPress and non-WordPress sites. We developed it for product video’s on E-Commerce sites for our clients that were trying to maximize on their video SEO efforts.

Video sitemap

To make sure your videos get picked up by Google, it’s advised to have a video sitemap added to your Google Webmaster Tools account. Off course this is something that can easily be automated. We prefer using the Video Sitemap tool from xml-sitemaps.com, as it automatically creates and pings to Google. It’s not perfect, but it works fine with a little tweaking.

The Generator

Show description beneath video     Show name above video